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  Hard working professionals like yourself who want to save money.

That's what we do for a living save you money.

Actually we save you up 75% off your current long distance rate.

Why Us?... Why not!

ACSC Telecom's revolutionary VoIP Adaptor to Phone calling technology is as easy to use as it is powerful. Now you can leverage the internet using VoIP to call anywhere in the World for less!

How big is our phone adapter? Well let me tell you its smaller than a paperback book is this cool or what!

The ACSC Telcom's VoIP System is higher quality than our competition because we use the highest quality internet bandwidth from UUNET and proven CISCO technology for the VoIP portion of the call. Connect a touch-tone Phone to our IP ready adapter or if you have one from the other guys and it meets our specifications use it. There is no need to buy another one, you are ready to begin making High Quality and Low Cost phone calls via your Phone to Phone VoIP service at extremely reduced calling rates. By the way we sell the IP Adaptors to you at our cost.

OK lets cut to the chase how MUCH will you save well lets see:

Where do you live? Not that it matters You see we charge you for the destination you are calling to not where you are calling from, it does not matter to us where you are. If you purchase one of our VoIP adapters you can take it with you anywhere in the world. Just plug it into a broadband connection and it WORKS. Yup just like that! And I mean it's that easy. Still thinking about it?

Ok here are the rates...

Want to speak to us? Why? Did we miss something? If we did it's in our FAQ's, Not sure what FAQ's are well let me tell you non computer people "Frequently Asked Questions". Yup everyone asks the same questions. To make it easy we listed them all. Click here if you have a question.

Do you still have a question? Ok send us an e-mail at info@acsctelcom.comwe will respond back to you the same day.

Still not sure OK if you insist give us a call (its long distance) 011-44-207-900-2147. We have operators available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Sign up first, then call, you might as well take advantage of our low rates

Still not sure OK here is our guarantee

We will give you a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service you can return the equipment (must be in original box with all the goodies that came with it) and we will refund your money less the shipping cost and any prepaid not used long distance minutes.

What more could you ask for? So lets get started on signing up

Sign up now!

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